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Material: Stainless steel

Color: silver
Size: 172*110mm

Stainless steel shell, easy to disassemble, durable, reliable, easy to clean, does not absorb odor. Multifunctional cookers and pressure cookers, halogen ovens, pans and ovens. Unique homemade cuisine with various fillings and condiments, accompanied by meat, fish, poultry and seafood. Instructions: 1. Before first use: Carefully remove the equipment and accessories, package, and handle all packaging materials and promotional stickers. All accessories of the device are boiled in salt solution for 3-5 minutes, 1 teaspoon salt per liter, to remove factory lubricants. Clean equipment according to "Clean and Maintenance"? 2. Operation: (1). Hamp press is suitable for Redmond multi-cooker pressure cooker, bowl capacity is not less than 5 liters. The device can be used in pressure cookers, air grills, ovens with corresponding working capacity or common tableware for cooking on the stove. (2). Cooking bags are not included. (3). When preparing the ingredients, the best effect is obtained strictly according to the formula, and the weight and proportion of the ingredients are maintained. The bag inserted into the shell is evenly and tightly filled with the prepared ingredients so that there are no air holes in the bag. The shell accessories with spring stroke groove should be filled to the maximum extent to provide the best food extrusion. If necessary, carefully remove the full bag, reinstall the bottom cover to another layer, and then put the bag into the shell. (4). Be careful when adjusting and stretching the spring to avoid damaging the bag. Although minor perforations are allowed, major failures may lead to a decline in the quality of the final product. 3. Cleaning and maintenance (1) Use warm water and mild detergent to clean the shell and removable accessories of the ham press, and then wash the ham press immediately after use. Then wipe it with a dry cloth and dry it completely at room temperature. (2) Do not use rigid or abrasive surface sponges or paper towels or abrasive paste. (3) Do not use any chemically corrosive substances or any other substances that are not recommended for cleaning objects in contact with food. Store in a dry and ventilated place. FEATURES:- Material: Stainless steel Color: silver Size: 172*110mm
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