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Material:  metal
Layer: 6
Size: 42.5*35 cm

DESCRIPTION Hangers save more closet space and keep everything nice and organized because you can put different types of pants together on one hanger. Using it not only to save closet space and as a better way to store pants, but also for color and types organizing. And it also to be able to visualize your clothes, its 6 Layers pants hangers can maximize the space of the closet. Each hanger can hold 6-8 pants men's pants or heavy jeans. One magic hanger is equivalent to six ordinary hangers, it can save about 80% space in the closet so you can buy new clothes as you like without worrying about no space. Closet hangers suitable for pants, clothes, towels, scarves, pants, casual pants, ties, etc. Widening spacing makes rack easier to hang clothes, enough big for men's pant and easy to take off. Multifunctional pants hangers can be used either horizontally or vertically, you can choose the way of hanging according to your closet. Never need to worry about the distortion of the pants rack, always durable and keep a good shape as its strong bearing strength. The hangers are skid-proof and sturdy, that when you put your pants or skirts on it they won't slide down. FEATURES:- Material: metal Layer: 6 Size: 42.5*35 cm
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KWD 2.750

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