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About us What is Yaboow? Yaboow is an e-shopping platform. It focuses on everything new and providing a large group of goods of a modern nature, and Yaboow always strives to commit to providing a wide range of brands that suit the user in addition to the most appropriate and cost-effective goods and services for customers Who are we? Yaboow Company was established with Kuwaiti management and its head office is in Kuwait The company is in line with international fashion trends and is deeply exploring useful trends * We have in cooperation with many well-known global freight service providers like aramex, and we have formed alliances and strategic cooperation with some freight service providers. * Once the user is not satisfied with the product, we offer the product return service * Review the return terms * We have created a multi-lingual customer service team, and multiple people take turns to ensure the best services are provided 24/7. All we are interested in is the satisfaction of all Yaboow users. At present, our main region is in the Middle East, namely Kuwait.

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